Women’s Health Week 2020


Women’s Health Week

7 – 11 September 2020

Women’s Health Week is a national event dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority. We asked some of our KX Women what their health means to them and to share some insights into how they make their health a priority.


Selina Bridge


What does Health mean to you?

A feeling of being fit, strong and happy on the inside and the outside.

How do you stay healthy?

Exercise is key to me. I love working out and being active in some shape or form. My week right now consists of a daily family walk (thanks to COVID), at least 3 x KX dynamic mat pilates workouts (on the App) mixed in with spin sessions or a run. I love the feeling of getting hot and sweaty.
I also love a balanced diet – and that means a lot of the good stuff and some of the bad stuff.  I don’t restrict certain temptations as there is a lot to be said for just enjoying the ‘moment’ as well. But I always do things in ‘moderation’.

How do you prioritise your health during a pandemic?

Routine. Every day I start with a workout. We always go for a family walk every day. No question.

What are your top 3 tips for living an active and healthy lifestyle?

  1. Find something that you love. It has to be fun.
  2. Set realistic goals that inspire you. Build up goals slowly so that you can see and enjoy progressions.
  3. Treat your soul – enjoy everything in moderation! Don’t say no to something you really want but know your boundaries. Then you can enjoy it in a controlled way (red wine and chocolate are my weak spots!!)

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