Advanced Pilates classes at KX — pushing boundaries, maximising potential

Experience Pilates for advanced practitioners at KX and embrace the challenge. Our advanced Pilates classes are specifically designed for those who have confidently navigated through the beginner and intermediate stages. These sessions are a deep dive into the more intricate and challenging aspects of Pilates, offering an enriching experience for seasoned practitioners.

Dynamic, challenging, transformative

At KX, our advanced Pilates class is where your skills are honed to perfection. Expect to engage in sophisticated movements that demand a higher level of precision, control and understanding of Pilates principles. These classes are a blend of strength-building, flexibility-enhancing and endurance-testing exercises that will push your limits and challenge your capabilities.

Specially tailored for advanced practitioners

Our Pilates advanced classes at KX are carefully developed for experienced individuals. Here, you’ll encounter advanced techniques and sequences that provide a stimulating and invigorating workout. It’s an opportunity to explore the depths of your Pilates potential and push the boundaries of what you can achieve.

Accessible advanced classes at KX studios near you

If you’re constantly typing in “Pilates studios near me”, we’re happy to let you know that there are over 100 KX Pilates studios around Australia that can support you in your advanced Pilates journey. In our welcoming and well-equipped studios, you’ll find the perfect environment to pursue your advanced Pilates goals.

Join the KX Pilates community today

Ready for the ultimate Pilates challenge? Our KX advanced Pilates classes are just the beginning. Find an advanced Pilates class near you and join a community of enthusiasts who are passionate about pushing their limits in Pilates.

But that’s not all — at KX, we cater to every level of experience. Whether you’re just starting out with Pilates or looking to deepen your practice at an intermediate level, we have classes that suit your needs. And for newcomers, our intro offer is the perfect opportunity to start your Pilates journey with us.

Take this chance to transform your practice, from beginner to advanced, and experience the full spectrum of Pilates at KX.


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Think of an advanced reformer Pilates class as the next-level challenge in your Pilates journey. It’s packed with complex exercises using the reformer machine, perfect for those who have a good grip on Pilates basics and are ready to step it up.

Beginners’ classes are all about getting to know Pilates and its core moves, and intermediate classes build on these, adding a bit more challenge. But when you step into an advanced Pilates class, you’re signing up for a whole new ball game. Here, the exercises are more intricate, and the routines are designed to stretch your abilities to their limits.

We’re talking moves that require not just better strength and flexibility but also a sharper focus and a deeper understanding of Pilates principles. It’s a thrilling step up from what you’ve learned so far.

Brace yourself for a session that’s as energetic as it is rewarding. In an advanced reformer Pilates class, the tempo picks up, and the intensity cranks up a notch (or two). You’ll be working through sequences that not only test your physical capabilities but also challenge your mental agility.

From balancing acts that seem to defy gravity to strength exercises that make every muscle sing, these classes are designed to keep you on your toes — sometimes quite literally! It’s the perfect mix of sweat, strength and satisfaction.

In a word, yes. They’re designed to push your limits but in a good way. It’s all about challenging yourself and discovering what you’re capable of.

Consistency is key. Hitting up advanced classes 2-3 times a week should keep you on top of your game and help you see continuous improvement.

Jumping straight into advanced classes after a Pilates hiatus might be tempting, but it’s important to give your body the chance to readjust. If Pilates hasn’t been part of your routine lately, consider starting with a refresher in an intermediate class.

This approach helps you rebuild your foundation, reacquaint yourself with the reformer and ensure you’re fully prepped for the advanced challenges. It’s about making sure your comeback is as smooth and effective as possible, setting you up for success when you do step into those advanced classes.

Absolutely! Our instructors keep an eye out for everyone, ensuring you’re on track and making the most of your workout, safely and effectively.

Absolutely! Athletes often find advanced Pilates classes particularly beneficial. These sessions are about enhancing your overall athletic abilities. Expect exercises that focus on core stability, balance and flexibility, all of which are crucial for any sport.

The improved body awareness and control gained from advanced Pilates can translate into better performance, no matter your sport. From golfers to runners, swimmers to cyclists, incorporating advanced Pilates into your training regimen can give you that extra edge you’re looking for.