Progressing from the basics, our intermediate reformer Pilates class at KX Pilates is the ideal next step for those who have a solid grounding in Pilates principles. These sessions are meticulously designed to challenge and extend your capabilities, introducing you to the more intricate aspects of Pilates.


In our intermediate Pilates classes, you’ll delve into exercises that amplify your strength, enhance your flexibility and challenge your coordination. Prepare to push your boundaries and explore new dimensions in your Pilates practice.


Our reformer Pilates sessions utilise the KXFormer, a superior upgrade to the traditional reformer, enhancing your workout in several ways:


  • Dual platforms — Expands the exercise repertoire, accommodating all skill levels with more diversity.
  • Expanded resistance range — Offers a broader spectrum of resistance levels than standard reformers.
  • Versatile sliding carriage — Enables unique exercises at both ends, amplifying workout variations.
  • Integrated bungee — Adds a new dimension to upper body workouts and provides support for balance.
  • Premium high-quality vinyl — Ensures a comfortable and luxurious user experience.
  • Innovative back bars — Facilitates a range of upper body and pulling exercises for comprehensive strength building.


Intermediate reformer Pilates classes at KX Pilates are perfect for those who are comfortable with basic Pilates movements and are ready to explore more difficult exercises. These classes will test your abilities and encourage you to reach new heights in your fitness journey.


Challenge yourself with our intermediate reformer Pilates class. Find your nearest KX Pilates studio and join a community that supports your growth every step of the way. With over 100 locations, the right class is just around the corner.

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Ready for the ultimate Pilates challenge? Our KX advanced Pilates classes are just the beginning. Find an advanced Pilates class near you and join a community of enthusiasts who are passionate about pushing their limits in Pilates.

But that’s not all — at KX, we cater to every level of experience. Whether you’re just starting out with Pilates or looking to deepen your practice at an intermediate level, we have classes that suit your needs. And for newcomers, our intro offer is the perfect opportunity to start your Pilates journey with us.

Take this chance to transform your practice, from beginner to advanced, and experience the full spectrum of Pilates at KX.


Whether you’re beginning, advancing or somewhere in between, KX Pilates has a reformer Pilates class that’s just right for you. Embrace the challenge and join our community today!

If you’re new to Pilates, our beginner reformer Pilates classes offer a welcoming introduction to the fundamentals. For those ready to level up, our intermediate and advanced Pilates classes will push your skills and stamina further. Don’t forget to take advantage of our intro offer to kickstart your Pilates experience with KX Pilates.


An intermediate reformer Pilates class at KX Pilates is characterised by a higher level of challenge compared to beginner classes. It’s tailored for clients who are comfortable with basic Pilates principles and are ready to engage in more complex exercises.

Each intermediate Pilates class at KX Pilates lasts for 50 minutes. This duration is designed to provide a balanced workout, allowing enough time for a diverse range of exercises, including a proper warm-up and cool-down period.

Brace yourself for a session that’s as energetic as it is rewarding. In an advanced reformer Pilates class, the tempo picks up, and the intensity cranks up a notch (or two). You’ll be working through sequences that not only test your physical capabilities but also challenge your mental agility.

From balancing acts that seem to defy gravity to strength exercises that make every muscle sing, these classes are designed to keep you on your toes — sometimes quite literally! It’s the perfect mix of sweat, strength and satisfaction.

At KX Pilates, we recommend attending at least 4-6 beginner classes before moving on to Pilates for intermediate students. This helps you get accustomed to our dynamic training method, understand the basic principles, and learn the foundational exercises before progressing to Intermediate classes. If you’re thinking of moving to the next class level, speak to your KX trainer, who can help you decide if you’re ready.

Before trying out advanced reformer Pilates classes, we advise completing at least 20-30 intermediate classes. This ensures that you have thoroughly developed your skills and are ready for the more challenging advanced-level workouts. Speak with your KX trainer about moving to the next level if you’re considering it.

If you’re unsure about moving up a class level, we encourage you to have a chat with your trainer. They can assess your progress and advise whether you’re ready to advance to a higher-level class, such as Pilates for intermediate students.

All necessary equipment for our intermediate reformer Pilates class, including the KXFormer, is provided by KX Pilates. When it comes to what to wear during Pilates, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing and bringing a water bottle to stay hydrated.

If you have any injuries or health concerns, consult your healthcare provider before joining an intermediate class. Once cleared, please inform your KX Pilates instructor prior to the session, so they can provide necessary modifications and ensure a safe reformer Pilates workout experience.

Absolutely! At KX Pilates, our trainers are skilled in offering modifications during our intermediate classes. These adaptations are tailored to accommodate various skill levels and individual physical needs.

We encourage you to go at your own pace and remind you that if you’re new to Pilates, it might be beneficial to start with beginner classes to build a strong foundation before advancing to intermediate levels.