Starting strong with Pilates for beginners

Kickstart your fitness journey with our Pilates classes for beginners. These sessions are the ideal starting point for those new to Pilates, offering a welcoming and straightforward introduction to basic Pilates exercises. Our beginner reformer Pilates classes focus on core principles and movements, setting the stage for a solid Pilates foundation.

Discover the unique aspects of reformer Pilates in our beginner-friendly classes. These sessions introduce the reformer machine, a versatile tool that enhances the Pilates experience. Reformer Pilates for beginners is designed to be approachable, ensuring you learn the ropes comfortably and effectively.

Your path to progress

In our Pilates workout for beginners, you’ll engage in exercises that strengthen, tone and increase flexibility. These beginner Pilates classes are crafted to provide a gradual and consistent progression. Starting with basic movements, you’ll eventually advance to more challenging exercises as your ability improves. This steady progression is key to building your confidence and skill in Pilates.

These classes are more than just a series of exercises; they are a holistic experience aimed at enhancing your overall well-being. As you move through the classes, you’ll notice improvements not only in your physical strength and flexibility but also in your posture, body alignment and mental focus. Our approach ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of how your body moves and how you can control it more effectively.

Find a class today

Ready to start? Find a beginner Pilates class around your area and join the KX community. No need to scour the internet searching for “Pilates studios near me”, as our 100+ studios are spread across various locations, making it easy for you to start Pilates wherever you are.

Experience the KX Pilates difference

Begin your path to a stronger, more balanced self with our Pilates classes for beginners. Snag our intro offer and sign up now to experience the transformative effects of Pilates. Our experienced trainers are ready to guide you every step of the way.

But that’s not all — as you grow, so do your options. KX Pilates also offers intermediate and advanced classes, providing a seamless progression path for your evolving skills and fitness levels. Whether you’re stepping up your game or pushing for peak performance, our range of classes caters to every stage of your road to fitness.


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A beginner reformer Pilates class is designed for those new to Pilates or the reformer machine. These classes focus on fundamental Pilates movements and techniques using the reformer, a versatile equipment piece that enhances the workout.

No, prior experience in Pilates is not necessary. Our Pilates beginner classes are tailored to guide newcomers through the basics of Pilates and the reformer machine.

Expect to learn basic Pilates exercises for beginners and how to use the reformer machine. The class will focus on core strength, flexibility and overall body awareness, paced suitably for beginners.

Aside from the reformer machine, beginner Pilates classes may use additional equipment like small weights, resistance bands and Pilates balls to enhance the workout.

Beginner reformer Pilates classes typically last 50 minutes, providing a comprehensive workout in a manageable timeframe.

Beginners in reformer Pilates classes can expect numerous benefits. First off, your core strength is going to get a major boost. The reformer machine is all about resistance, challenging those core muscles in new and effective ways.

Then there’s flexibility. The reformer machine allows you to go deeper into your stretches than you might on a mat. This means you’re not only working out your muscles but also improving your overall flexibility, which is key for any fitness routine.

Body alignment gets better too. Reformer Pilates makes you pay attention to how you move and hold yourself. You’ll learn to align your body correctly, not just in class but in your daily activities as well.

Understanding how your body works is another big win. As a beginner, you’ll quickly start to notice how your body moves and how to make those movements more efficient. This understanding is great for avoiding injuries and improving overall movement quality.

Balance and coordination also improve. Working on the reformer machine means you have to keep yourself stable, which naturally boosts your balance and coordination skills over time.

And don’t forget how much it can help you mentally as well. Reformer Pilates requires focus, which means it’s not just a physical workout; it’s a mental one too. You’ll come out of class feeling less stressed and more centred.

For best results, attending beginner Pilates classes two to three times a week is recommended. Consistency is key to progress and improvement.

Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing that allows for a full range of motion. Avoid loose clothing that might get caught in the equipment.

Yes, you can expect personalised guidance in our reformer Pilates classes. Our trainers are dedicated to providing individual attention, ensuring proper form and technique for an effective workout.