What to wear to pilates

When you are picking what to wear to Pilates many follow the concept of look good, feel good – but finding the right activewear is so much more than that! It’s about making sure you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear, so you’re ready to challenge yourself in your next class.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Reebok to bring you a comprehensive list of their best Pilates gear to help keep you feel comfortable and confident when working up a sweat in class.



When deciding on a sports bra it’s important to consider key elements, such as impact level, material and style to determine what is most important to you. You want enough stretch that your movements aren’t restricted, but not too much that it won’t support your body.

The Lux Strappy and PureMove bras are great options at either end of the scale. The Lux Strappy has stylish back detailing, but also reliable support. Whereas the PureMove has a sportier design and more breathable fabric, whilst also providing support through formulated Motion Sense ™ technology.



Tights are the perfect training piece for high intensity, dynamic Pilates workouts, as they require a wide range of movement. They allow you to feel comfortable and supported throughout your whole session. Those with sweat-wicking fabric and a high-rise waistband are popular choices, allowing you to bend and move in all directions with confidence.

Reebok’s Lux High-Rise tights provide you with support from warm-up to workout. PureMove tights are designed to compliment your body’s unique shape, providing targeted support that adapts to your body during every stretch, whilst providing a full coverage design.



Tops are all about personal preference and comfort, ensuring that you have a level of cover and fit that means you can confidently take on any movement during your class. Singlets & t-shirts are the most popular options, ensuring you have the fit right for you so that the material does not get in the way during your workout.

Reebok have a great range of breathable product technology such as their Activchill, Workout Ready or United by Fitness fabrics that keep you feeling cool and collected even at maximum effort.



While most of our KXers prefer to wear full length leggings, remember that bike shorts and even running shorts could be an option in the warmer months. Due to the breadth of movements in reformer and mat Pilates classes, tighter fitting products are more suitable as you go through a workout to ensure you get a full range of movement.

Longer bike shorts can still provide a great level of comfort, fit and flexibility if you don’t want to wear full-length tights through a class.



Finally, if you’re looking for a pair of Pilates socks to give you the same amount of grip and stability you can achieve with bare feet in a class be sure to pick up some KX Pilates specially made socks. Find these at your local studio.


Remember the key focus of choosing Pilates gear is making sure that you feel confident and secure, selecting items that support your body shape and provide enhanced technology features. With the right clothing you can not only look good, but feel confident enough to make the most of your next KX Pilates workout.



We’re Australia’s largest reformer Pilates brand, running 60+ reformer workouts a week at over 95 locations Australia-wide, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth. No matter how you choose to KX, we focus on fitting full-body workouts around you.



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