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How to get a KX-proof makeup routine to go straight from work to working out!

We’ve teamed with Benefit Australia’s National Brow Ambassador Sammy to get her top tips on how she does her makeup routine to go straight from work to a KX workout while still taking care of her skin.

If I am off to attend my usual Tuesday morning 7.30am KX class before running to the office, I try to have my makeup 75% done before class for a quick transition after class.

My go-to routine includes:
  • The usual morning skincare and of course SPF
  • POREfessional Primer to create a smooth barrier and base
  • Cheek and Lip tint like Benetint for colour 
  • Then of course full Brows and Eyes. 
  • Before locking it all in with my POREfessional Super Setter Spray so that I can set and forget during my morning workout.

After my class, I then use my Hello Happy Powder foundation over the top of what I have on so that I am still seeing pops of colour before setting down again with my POREfessional Super Setter Spray to make my effortless transition from workout to work.

If you prefer to attend evening classes and you’re always running late like me, that “get home and chill” time before your KX class just never happens.

I always find myself in the panic of “is my red lipstick too much for class” or “how do I tone down my work makeup in the 10 minutes before I get to class”.

Here are my favourite tricks I’ve learnt along the way to help go seamlessly from work to workout:
  1. I always carry with me – Micellar water and a few cotton pads, POREfessional primer, a lip and cheek tint and my POREfessional super setter.
  2. I remove my heavier work time foundation with the micellar water (keeping my eye makeup and brows on – I definitely don’t have time to take it all off) and because I don’t want to leave my skin bare, I use POREfessional primer to help smooth the appearance of my skin and even out the skin tone after having just removed my foundation. 
  3. I add a small flush to my cheeks and lips to again help blend in any remnants of that day’s makeup.
  4. Then rehydrating my skin and controlling my excess oil production with my POREfessional Super Setter which also makes a great refreshing spray post-workout. 

I hope these tips and tricks can help make your transition from work to working out as seamless as possible. Because we want to ensure you’re feeling confident in your skin while you’re busy smashing out your KX classes.

For a limited time, some of our studios are offering samples of Benefit’s POREfessional Super Setter Spray.

So make sure to check them out soon when you’re next in class!

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