How to stay motivated once KX40 is over

We know it is often easier to stay motivated during a short challenge – which is why KX40 helps our KXers achieve such amazing results and transformations. But once a KX40 challenge ends though, how can you keep yourself motivated and progressing through your KX journey?

Here are five of our tips on how you can stay motivated after KX40 is complete!

Think of all the improvements you have experienced over your challenge

Did you experience increased strength, greater body positivity, better sleep or lower stress levels? Think about how much further you can take these achievements if you stick with them. Remember this process is part of your lifestyle.

Set smaller, achievable goals

Although you have conquered the KX40, there are still so many goals ahead of you. The ‘Kaizen experience’ which KX Pilates is based upon is all about small, ongoing changes. Instead of focusing on those larger goals like KX40, why not switch your attention to some small achievable goals?

Go for those heavier dumbbells, that harder class or even just the heavier springs. Each week set yourself these smaller goals to stay motivated and consistently moving forward.

Make it part of your routine

Did you know that if you repeat the same behaviour for over 21 days it becomes part of your habitual routine? Adding your KX classes to your schedule weeks in advance will help to make exercise and working out part of your routine.

On your way to work, on your lunch break or after you get home – make it part of your structured week, rather than you having to find extra time weekly to suit.

Mix it up

How can you change up your routine? Maybe try your first intermediate class or break up your week with another new style of activity. By keeping your routine fresh and different you will avoid that feeling of burnout! 

One day a week why not head out and try something new. Have you always wanted to try a dance class? A new yoga studio? A scenic hike? Add it into the mix with your KX classes and add some excitement to your weekly workouts.

Reach out to others for support

Nothing is more motivating than knowing you have your Pilates buddy waiting for you at each class. Reach out to a friend and schedule some classes together. Not only does this help keep you accountable, but it also helps make your classes more enjoyable seeing a familiar face each day. 

PLUS… this gives you one more reason to head out for that post-Pilates coffee!

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