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The Best Time to Exercise: Why Time of Day Doesn’t Matter

We’re all super busy today.

Preparing lunches. Dropping off the children. Heading to work. Meetings. Socialising. The list goes on and our calendars seem pretty booked up.

This can also mean that we struggle to find time to workout in amongst it all. We know why it’s important to include it in our daily routine, but when is the best time of the day to exercise?

There’s always a debate whether exercising in the morning is better than working out at night or vice versa. Well, the truth is that the best time to workout is whenever you can do it – regardless if it’s morning, lunchtime or evening.

Here’s why.

Why is “any time” the best time to workout?

Many studies show that an early morning workout before breakfast is the best way to kickstart your metabolism for the day. On the other hand, some experts cite that people who are exercising at night tend to experience different benefits.

That’s all well and good – but “ideal” times only exist if you’re sitting around with a free day. But what if you face a lot of time constraints and can’t stick to a definite morning or evening workout schedule? Is there really a best time to go to the gym or sign up for exercise classes?

The reality is that the time of day has little relevance to your own personal journey to improving your fitness and health. What’s most important is your consistency to squeeze in some exercise, no matter when it is.

After all, exercising any time is better than none at all.

Stop waiting for the perfect timing and start achieving your fitness goals.

So, to get the benefits of exercising, don’t wait for some ideal time. Just start doing it around your busy schedule instead. It’s by beginning with achievable goals, building good habits and developing a strong sense of discipline that you will start to see great results; and this is all possible when you make your exercise fit your timetable and not the other way around.


How can you put this into practice every day?

Everyone prefers different types of exercise.

You could try getting into a healthy Pilates routine at a studio like KX Pilates, which are tailored to fit your schedule and lifestyle without the need to plan for a regular schedule – allowing you to work out smarter, not longer.

KX Pilates sessions can help you by improving your body’s strength, fitness, and endurance in just a minimum of 3 classes per week. That way, you won’t have to worry about some “ideal” time of day – you can go whenever you’re free.

Create your personalised exercise schedule with kx pilates.

Whether you want to participate in regular Pilates classes or to come whenever you’re available, at KX Pilates, we promise to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in amongst your busy schedule with our workout classes.

Whoever you are and whatever your ability, there’s a class for you.
KX Pilates offers high intensity and body-toning workouts in just 50 minutes!    

Still have more questions to ask?

No worries! Contact us and we won’t keep you wondering.



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