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Reformer Pilates: Is it a way to lose weight and build strength?

We live in a fortunate time where self-care and good health are a high priority. There are so many ways that we can achieve and maintain a great lifestyle. From eating the right diet, to spending time on pampering sessions, all the way to finding the perfect workout. However, for busy bees and people-on-the-run like you, it can be a real challenge to find something that you will enjoy and easily fit into your hectic schedule.

Fortunately, an energetic workout that can help improve your health without taking a huge amount of your time does exist! It’s called Reformer Pilates. Reformer Pilates exercises, such as the ones practised in KX Pilates, are designed to give you the health and fitness benefits you want by exercising smarter, not longer.

How? Let’s find out.

What is reformer pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a low impact exercise that focuses on stabilising and building your muscle strength and tone using specially designed equipment to incorporate the Pilates exercise technique. This equipment, called the Reformer, is where the real benefits come from.

The Reformer looks like a bed frame with a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. Reformer Pilates exercises involve performing movements using the equipment to target specific muscle groups. The equipment can be adjusted for different body sizes and level of skills, offering you a tailored workout in many diverse positions. As such, Reformer Pilates exercises can be done while standing, sitting, lying down, pulling the straps, pushing the foot bar and many other variations.

KX Pilates applies dynamic Pilates using the Reformer to improve fitness using a workout style which combines healthy results with a creative, modern flare. It’s a way to add smart fitness to your busy weekly routine and discover more natural energy to fuel your life.

What is the difference between reformer pilates and mat-based pilates?

In general, people are more familiar with mat-based Pilates. It’s the reason why Pilates is always getting compared with Yoga (which also utilises a mat). Mat-based Pilates enhances your body’s strength, flexibility, balance and posture by ‘teaching’ your body to control its muscles. This kind of Pilates centres on improving your core, while Reformer Pilates is designed to work your entire body.

As such, Reformer Pilates can be more intense and challenging than the mat-based Pilates, as it allows you to add weights and resistance to your routine with the help of the Reformer equipment’s springs, gears and straps. Unlike mat-based Pilates that is performed low to the ground, Reformer Pilates is dynamic and can be done in a variety of different body positions. Because of this, you tend to notice improvements in your strength and body tone after only a few Reformer Pilates classes.

KX Pilates is a way to give yourself the fitness, the power and the energy you deserve through invigorating movement (and a lot of enjoyment).

What are the proven benefits of reformer pilates?

Reformer Pilates exercises offer a range of results, including improving your posture, strengthening the core, toning your muscles and improving flexibility.

Aside from that, Reformer Pilates provides the following benefits:

Building Strength

Reformer Pilates helps to develop strength and firmness in your abs, back, buttocks and thighs. It also enhances the strength of your arm and leg muscles through the application of resistance using the Reformer and your own body weight.

Furthermore, Reformer Pilates exercises refine your body’s overall flexibility, balance and coordination. As a result, you tend to benefit from better posture and more ease of movement.

Preventing Injury

Because Reformer Pilates supports your body’s stability, flexibility and strength, you will lower your risk of falls and general physical injuries. It is also a low impact activity; therefore, little force is exerted onto your joints. This allows your body to recover well from back pain, muscle pain and bone injuries, without placing undue stress on these sensitive areas.

Is Reformer Pilates a good exercise for weight loss?

While aerobic exercise, like running, walking and swimming, are usually the most effective ways to lose excess weight, Reformer Pilates works differently to help you shed some kilos. This is because Reformer Pilates exercises give you well-toned muscles. Lean muscles, in return, burn more calories when working out. By strengthening your body, Reformer Pilates also allows you to do more intense and dynamic workouts. All of which makes Reformer Pilates a good exercise for weight loss.

KX Pilates’ highly experienced and officially accredited trainers will ensure you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals – because they’re phenomenal at what they do. So you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

Of course, it’s always important to make sure you’re also eating a healthy diet too!

Speaking of which…

What are some other tips for weight loss?

If you want to maintain a healthy body and active lifestyle, it’s important to know how to lose weight. So, here are some quick tips.

First, make sure you always aim for healthy meals and snacks. This includes lean protein and whole grains as well as a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also consult a health professional, particularly a nutritionist, to check and plan your calorie-intake going forward.

In addition to KX Reformer Pilates, you may also want to do other cardio and fat-burning exercises such as walking, running and cycling.

But most of all – be committed in your plan to improve your lifestyle. The challenge with weight loss often comes down to your personal attitude. When you are positive and inspired, you will find that you’re more dedicated to making the right choices.

For example, if you’ve already decided to try Reformer Pilates, look for KX studios positioned conveniently near you that offer Reformer Pilates classes. Also ask about beginner Reformer Pilates and which routines will work well with your body type and goals.

Just keep in mind that persistent actions are needed to get consistent results!

Join a KX Pilates Studio and see for yourself

At KX Pilates, we offer a modern approach to Reformer Pilates. Whoever you are and whatever your ability, there’s a KX Pilates class perfect for you. KX Pilates offers high intensity, body-toning workout in just 50 minutes.

Whether you want to do your workout in private, in a group or in a specialised way – we promise to help you achieve that flexible and well-balanced body in amongst your hectic schedule.

Still got more questions to ask? No worries! [CONTACT US] and we won’t keep you wondering.

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