Beginners Pilates Class: What to Expect

Whatever pops into your head when you think of Pilates, hold onto your straps because we’ve got news for you: KX Pilates empowers and challenges every body, with 50-minute classes tailored to your fitness level — always. So if you’ve been thinking of rolling up into your first Pilates class, here’s how to get ready for it and what to expect.

Wait, what is KX Pilates?

While there are several different types of Pilates, KX Pilates combines traditional Pilates with the strengthening and dynamism of circuit training. The results include better overall stability, flexibility and posture, achieved through 50-minute workouts that are fast-paced, high-energy and performed on a reformer bed — The KXFormer; a proprietary machine developed exclusively for KX to complement and enhance the bespoke KX workout.

With our trademark KXFormer bed, you can add more tension and resistance via the signature spring system, as well as train your body in a wider range of positions by using the bars, straps and pulleys, and proprietary Power Platform, unique to the KXFormer. This is unlike Mat Pilates where the resistance comes simply from gravity with the majority of movements performed with only your bodyweight on the floor.

Our Trainers are not just industry trained experts with a minimum Certificate 4 in fitness or certification in Pilates, they are also KX Academy qualified. As Australia’s largest reformer Pilates group, our rigorous KX Academy is certified by AusActive and ensures KX Trainers are the best of the best, delivering a premium workout experience with hands-on guidance and expertise. KX trainers are ready to support you, whether you are dipping your toe into a Beginner class or diving straight back in after a break! There’s no better time to start than now, and you can trial KX for just $12 a class with our introductory offer: 5 classes for $60.


What to wear to Pilates

The priority when choosing your Pilates gear is making sure that you feel confident and comfortable, and that your clothing doesn’t restrict or distract you so you can focus on your workout. We recommend activewear tights or bike shorts paired with form fitting tops or longer tops you can tuck into your pants. Closer fitting clothing allows your Trainer to better observe your alignment and correct your posture if needed. Avoid clothing that features anything that may dangle or get caught, and for the same reason, wear minimal jewellery. If you have long hair, tie it back in a high pony or bun so you can lie flat on your back comfortably throughout your workout and keep your spine in alignment.


What to bring to your first Pilates class

On the day, all you need to bring to your Pilates class is yourself, a water bottle and a towel. Arrive 10 minutes early to meet your Trainer to get any of your questions answered and to receive a quick rundown on how the reformer bed works. The KX workout is best executed either barefoot or with specialist pilates grip socks. Grip socks can be purchased either in-studio or online via the KX shop.

Another item to leave in the cubby holes along with your shoes is your phone, switched off or put on silent. Want to share about your Xperience? You’re more than welcome to grab a photo before or after your workout and tag @KXPilates #KXPilates One last little note — chewing gum or lollies are not allowed during KX workouts as they are a serious choking hazard, especially when lying down.


What to expect at your first Pilates classes

In your first Beginner class, your Trainer will get you moving with the fundamentals of both the reformer bed and the KX workout with a 5-minute warm-up. With only 12-14 clients per class, expect some personalised attention from your Trainer; they will modify exercises to suit your ability and pace and make sure you’re starting off your KX Pilates journey with the right form.

As you move through your 50-minute dynamic full-body workout, be prepared to work up a sweat and work some smaller muscle groups that you never even knew you had! The workout will be fast-paced with just short rest periods between exercises to keep you moving. Your workout may incorporate the KX props like dumbbells, the Pilates box, Pilates ball and Pilates ring — trust us, they’re a lot of fun and further enhance your workout results.

If you’re quickly getting the hang of things, the trainer will offer you layers to add to each exercise to increase the difficulty, along with changes in the springs to dial up or down the intensity — everything is optional, so you can progress at your own pace. As you finish up your first Pilates class with a 5-minute cool down, you will feel invigorated, with your brain and body buzzing from the new movements and high intensity.


Whew! That was awesome. Now what?

It’s normal to feel a little fatigued after your workout — after all, you’ve just been concentrating hard and working your body for 50 minutes! A quick stretch after your workout will kickstart your recovery. Your Trainer can share some of their most effective stretches — just ask them. Back home, it’s important to rest and recover as this is when your body will repair and recharge. Ensuring you drink enough water throughout the rest of the day, eat a nutritious snack or meal, get good sleep and incorporate some more stretching.

Since small, continuous improvements are what culminate in long-lasting results, take some time to plan your weekly Pilates schedule so you establish consistency and routine. We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions per week, so think about your lifestyle and work and personal commitments to ensure you can schedule in your KX Pilates workouts around these. Most KX studios offer 50+ classes per week, so there should be a variety of class options to suit your busy lifestyle. With commitment, you will reap the benefits of stronger core, back, arm and leg muscles as well as improved stability, flexibility and posture. You’ll feel stronger after 5 sessions, improve your fitness after 10 sessions and be amazed with the physical and mental transformation after a few months of regular and consistent attendance.


Get moving for $12 a class

Ready to plank into your first Pilates class? We’ve got an introductory offer to kickstart your Xperience, with 5 classes over 14 days for only $60; that’s $12 per session! There are no lock-in contracts so you can workout on your terms. With more than 100 KX Pilates studios Australia-wide and over 4,500 classes running every week, there’s a studio and workout to suit. Find your local studio to buy your intro offer and join the dynamic movement today.

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