Why join KX40 this time?

If you don’t already know what KX40 is – you’ve been missing out!
KX40 is our biggest challenge we run at KX Pilates which gives participants just 40 days to complete 20 classes.

To give you a better understanding of what KX40 is, we asked some of our expert trainers to give you the rundown on what to expect if you register for KX40

Nikki – Berwick, VIC
What is a KX40 like?
“SOOOOOO much fun. I love the energy in the studio when the challenge is on. Everyone gets involved and loves ticking their names off the participation chart. Classes are full (in a good way) and everyone is happy”

How is this better than regular classes?
“The classes themselves don’t change but because they are nice and full with a mix of clients doing the challenge and not it creates such a fun energetic atmosphere.

People love seeing how much stronger it makes them in such a short period of time. Also I feel like people are more accountable in a challenge vs when they are not. You HAVE TO tick your name off so it holds you to it”

Lisa – Glenelg and Port Melbourne
Why do your clients love KX40?

“KX40 is an opportunity for clients to test their limits and explore their capabilities. We love seeing clients challenge themselves and are often surprised with their increased strength both mentally and physically!

Our clients love KX40 because they know they’re not in it alone. Friendships are born with fellow clients and bonds formed with instructors, making for a pretty special community.”

Why would you recommend joining KX40?

“KX40 allows you to learn the depths of your body and its ability, you increase strength and mobility, you push limits you didn’t think you could and you join a community of passionate and motivated individuals. It is both a physical and mental challenge that equates to roughly one class every second day. 

While, yes it is a challenge, it is certainly achievable and those who successfully complete their challenge feel the difference in their ongoing pilates practice.”

Kelsey – St Mary’s, SA
Why do you love KX40?

“From a trainer perspective I love KX40! It’s a time where we can motivate, encourage and support clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether it’s getting you through the last five seconds of a plank hold or helping you undertake an exercise you never thought was possible, you can rely on us to support you all the way!”

Can I do KX40 if I am a beginner?

“Of course! KX40 is for everyone and anyone no matter what level you are at. It can help kick start your fitness journey, increase motivation and help you get into a routine.

Not only is it a great opportunity to embark on a fitness challenge, but also meet like-minded people in the studio to help get you through those tough classes, as well as be part of a supportive, empowering and incredible community! 

Our trainers will help guide you through the challenge, ensuring they are scheduling enough classes suitable for everyone. Our trainers can help guide you through how many classes to participate in per week and how you should be feeling throughout the challenge.”

Margot – Brighton, North Adelaide and Tea Tree Gully SA
I’ve done KX40 before, why would I do another?
This challenge is a chance to re-establish personal goals. It’s unrealistic to think that your body or your fitness level will stay at your absolute best indefinitely. It takes work, consistency and mindful choices. 

Whether you’ve done our KX40 before or it’s your first time, it allows you to set goals for yourself and what you want to achieve. The goals are up to you, but we help you with the accountability and the motivation within that 40 days. It’s the perfect platform to accelerate your KX journey and challenge yourself.”

How would you recommend clients plan out their KX40 journey?
“Planning ahead is the absolute key for KX40. Look across the 40 day period, where you have events or personal engagements planned that you might need to work around, then set realistic expectations for yourself with your bookings around this.

E.g. Booking a 7am class the day after your sister’s wedding is probably a stretch and you may not get there. Or if you never do 5:30am classes but book all 5:30am time slots in the challenge period, there’s a high chance you won’t make it to all of them!

Play to your strengths and identify when you most enjoy working out, then plan ahead with that in mind so you are most likely going to follow through with all of your classes. You’ll also enjoy it more! Naturally life happens and sometimes you can’t make a class or two, so having a 2-3 day buffer at the end of your challenge period gives you some wriggle room in case anything unaccounted for pops up.”

As you can tell it’s not just our clients that love KX40 but also our trainers. So whether you’re looking to progress your fitness journey or looking to kickstart it – KX40 is perfect for you.

But be sure to get in quick, each studio has limited spots available and they are filling fast!

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