4 tips to help you prepare for KX40

KX40 is Australia’s original reformer Pilates challenge which involves completing 20 classes in 40 days to not only challenge yourself but unlock exclusive rewards and earn free classes. You’ll join thousands of others, build your strength, and establish a routine to define yourself. As with any challenge or change in exercise routine, preparation is key. We asked our trainers at our Fremantle studio in Western Australia to share their top four tips to prepare for KX40.

Start moving your body

Ensure you’re moving your body consistently before the challenge begins. Whether it’s upping your attendance in the studio or adding in walks or runs, adding in some extra movement will help your body adapt to your new routine when the challenge starts. It will also help you to get the best results out of the challenge by incorporating movement outside of your classes for an extra challenge.

Schedule your classes

Schedule your classes and schedule time for rest too! We all live busy lives so taking time to plan out your classes into your routine is important to ensure you stick to your goals. As well as this, taking planned time out of your week to focus on your recovery is equally as important; add in some you-time to ensure you feel invigorated, relaxed and ready to keep working through the challenge. KX40 is about a whole balanced approach so combining your classes with a healthy diet and adequate rest will make your challenge all that bit better. And don’t forget that the challenge isn’t a race. You have 40 days to complete 20 classes so progress at a pace that suits your routine.


Set your goals

Goal setting is the key to success and completion of a challenge. The type of goal you set is completely up to you, just make sure it’s measurable, attainable and fits within your schedule. Smaller goals that are easy for you to complete longer term are better than setting unrealistic or harder short term goals; think about the benefits beyond the 40 days as well. For example, if you have regularly been attending 3 classes per week, aim to do 4 per week during the challenge or add in an extra walk a week alongside your classes. Just make sure it’s sustainable for you and something that will benefit you!


You’re not in this alone

Tap into your studio community or have a friend or family member do KX40 with you. It’s been proven if you have an accountability partner you are more likely to complete something, KX40 included! While many may have completed KX40 before, if it’s your first time, chat to other KX40 participants in the studio or ask our trainers about any tips and advice. You may find that extra boost of encouragement helps keep you accountable and builds momentum. Plus, you might even make a Pilates friend for life!

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