Why become a reformer Pilates instructor?

The benefits of reformer Pilates can be transformative, so much so that after experiencing them firsthand, you feel inspired to introduce others to it to positively impact their lives.

In this article, we guide you through how to become a reformer Pilates instructor to not only help others achieve their fitness goals, but to also create a rewarding career for yourself.

The impact you can have on others through reformer Pilates

The benefits of reformer Pilates are wide-ranging, from better mobility and core strength to greater muscle endurance and lower stress levels. Consequently, many people turn to reformer Pilates with a variety of goals, including improving their fitness, managing chronic conditions, recovering from injuries and enhancing their mental well-being. As a reformer Pilates instructor, you’ll have the chance to support all of them and more. At KX Pilates, our trainers are key to our success. Our KX Trainers are highly qualified individuals who use their extensive expertise to deliver the KX experience and make a positive difference in people’s lives. 

All KX Trainers have gone through our KX Academy, which is formally accredited by AusActive and recognised in the industry as a leading program standard for reformer Pilates. More than simply their qualifications, all our KX Trainers are positive-minded with a proactive attitude and a passion for helping others!


The rewards of a career as a reformer Pilates instructor

In addition to the fulfilment that comes from supporting others to achieve their goals, you’ll also experience the below benefits as a reformer Pilates instructor.


A flexible work schedule and lifestyle

As a reformer Pilates instructor, you’ll likely have the ability to design your own schedule and create the work-life balance that suits your needs. From traditional Pilates and fitness studios to clinical practices and gym settings, you’ll also be able to mix up your teaching environments.


A career with progression and development

As you gain experience and expertise as a reformer Pilates instructor, you could take on leadership roles or progress to opening your own KX Pilates studio.

At KX Pilates, we have exciting opportunities for career progression, including becoming a Master Trainer, part of the KX Training Department, State Training Manager and more. We also support KX Trainers with studio management and ownership.

Being a reformer Pilates instructor can also be enriching for your personal development; you can benefit from continuous stimulation from deepening your understanding of the practice, anatomy and movement principles. 


The ability to further your own health and fitness goals

This career is a very active one! You’ll spend your days teaching classes and leading workouts, all of which can contribute to your own fitness goals, helping you maintain or improve your strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility and overall well-being.


A job full of connection and fun

Last but certainly not least, a career as a reformer Pilates instructor is filled with fun and social connection. Every class is an opportunity to build relationships with your clients and create a sense of community – not to mention, the relationships you will foster with your fellow KX Trainers too.


5 considerations to make before becoming a Reformer Pilates instructor

Here are 5 important questions to ask yourself to determine if this is the right career for you.

  1. Does the flexibility of unconventional working hours appeal to you? Do you like variety in your lifestyle, including with work?
  2. Do you enjoy building positive relationships and take pride in your ability to listen and show empathy?
  3. Do you view yourself as someone who is able to adapt your teaching style to suit the needs of others? 
  4. Is reformer Pilates so ingrained into your lifestyle that you can see yourself committed to it in the long-time, both in terms of teaching and your own practice?
  5. Are you passionate about the other areas of a healthy lifestyle that comes with reformer Pilates, such as nutrition, hydration, self-care and self-development?

With these considerations in mind, read on for more information on becoming a KX Pilates instructor.


The 5 key steps to becoming a KX Pilates instructor

1. Familiarise yourself with the KX Pilates method

KX Pilates is a unique fitness experience that combines traditional reformer Pilates principles with progressive techniques like the dynamism of circuit training. Our classes are 50-minute fast-paced and full-body workouts that challenge every body. 

Before you embark on the journey of being a KX Trainer, it’s vital that you are familiar with our Xperience.

We have over 100 KX Pilates studios Australia-wide so join the dynamic movement this week. Take advantage of our introductory offer of 5 classes over 14 days for only $60 by redeeming your offer here with no lock-in contracts (T&Cs apply). Don’t forget to introduce yourself and your goals to become a reformer Pilates instructor to our team!


2. Get certified with a formal reformer Pilates instructor course or Grade 4 Level Certification

KX Pilates’ preferred reformer Pilates teacher training supplier is Unite Health. This is because they are registered with the appropriate governing bodies for the Pilates industry and they also partner with us to offer employment opportunities to get graduates teaching as soon as possible!

Their APPI Pilates Instructor Certification consists of 14 days of teacher training for both mat work and reformer Pilates.

You’ll also need to complete a Pilates certification logbook, which includes observation, self-practice and practice teaching hours. 

Once you’ve fulfilled these hours, you can sit for the Pilates certification exams and become a qualified APPI Pilates Instructor. 

Unite Health’s reformer Pilates teacher training certification can be achieved in 3-9 months, depending on the learning mode (intensive or weekend modules).


3. Organise your insurance

We typically recommend trainers have public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance, at a minimum. Unite Health can provide you with a selection of companies to obtain your insurance through. 

Note that depending on your insurance provider, you may also be required to complete a First Aid certificate.


4. Successfully complete the KX ACADEMY program and gain teaching experience

We run multiple programs a year with limited numbers to ensure each and every Academy student gets the most out of the course. Programs include:

  • 6-week dynamic reformer Pilates training program created by KX experts
  • A blend of hands-on workshops and online learning resources
  • Fast track options and credit options available for current Pilates instructors
  • Accreditation by Fitness Australia, providing 15 CPD points
  • The opportunity to teach within the KX network once graduated.

To join the KX Academy, send an enquiry form here.

By becoming part of the KX Community of Trainers, you’ll be able to pick up additional shifts across different KX studios; this means you can scale up or down your teaching commitments based on your lifestyle and personal goals.


5. Continue investing in your own practice!

Remember that being a KX Trainer requires you to lead by example and demonstrate proper form and technique.

Set your own personal fitness and reformer Pilates goals as a way to stay motivated and accountable, while inspiring your clients. 

Your continuing education also matters; seek out opportunities to expand your knowledge through KX Training as well as through related workshops and conferences.


Start your path to become a reformer Pilates instructor

We’re so excited that you’re interested in a career as a KX Trainer.

Take action today and work towards becoming a reformer Pilates teacher by exploring the reformer Pilates instructor course offered by Unite Health, and choosing the session that suits you best. 

In less than a year, you’ll be ready to join the best in the industry at KX Academy and make a positive impact on others, while building a fulfilling career for yourself. 

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