The Process of Owning a KX Pilates Studio

Ever thought about what it’s like to own a KX or how the whole process works? Owning a KX Pilates franchise is a fantastic chance to blend your passion for fitness with your entrepreneurial side. It’s an opportunity to dive into something that both you and your local community will love. If you love making Australia a healthier place with a versatile and respected Pilates program that makes people feel great about themselves, then we want you. KX Pilates studios are inclusive of everyone; male and female, young and old, mums and dads, fitness fanatics, couch lovers and buddy professionals are all welcome, giving us a large target market to work with. So, what’s actually involved?


Step 1: You will be asked to complete an application form and compatibility profile to assess your alignment to our culture, values, work style and competencies.


Step 2: Once successful, you will be provided with a cash flow template to help you understand how a KX Pilates business works, how to break even and ROI.


Step 3: You will get to meet our amazing team; this is where you get to ask all the questions you have so you can get clarity on how the business operates.


Step 4: This is where the paperwork begins. You’ll be provided with a draft franchise agreement, a disclosure document, a franchising code of conduct, a list of current franchisees and a finance broker introduction to help get you started.


Step 5: You’ll meet our CEO, Selina Bridge who will sign off everything and welcome you into the KX Pilates franchise.


Step 6: This is the final step where you sign your franchise agreement and officially join our team.


We don’t just leave it there, once the recruitment process is over we begin assisting you with:

  • Finding a suitable location
  • Owner onboarding and training
  • Assistance with trainer recruitment
  • Studio design and signage
  • On-the-ground support for opening day
  • Ongoing training and support


We pride ourselves on the support and guidance we give all our franchises and our team is always there to support and guide you through the operations of your studio. If you’re interested in owning a KX Pilates franchise or learning more, you can fill out our enquiry form here and our team will be in touch.

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