Staying focussed during KX40

It’s important to reflect on your KX40 JOURNEY

30 days in, three-quarters of the way through, only 10 days left. No matter how you look at it, you should be proud of how far you’ve come so far! Hopefully, you’re starting to see some positive impacts from the challenge, whether that’s physically, mentally, or both. Most of you will have completed 14-16 classes by now (if you’re a little behind, don’t stress, there is still time to finish all 20!). Remember to take a little time to acknowledge and appreciate all the hard work and commitment you have put in over the last 30 days and what your body is capable of.

Only 10 days to go… You’ve got this!


You’re now 3/4’s of the way through the challenge and if on track you might have completed 15 classes which is a fantastic effort! If not, no need to fear as you’ve still got 10 days remaining to squeeze in a few more. No matter your session total, if you find yourself feeling a little stronger from your work over the past 30 days, how about further challenging yourself and taking the next step up in your remaining classes.

  • Beginner members: give intermediate springs a go!
  • Intermediate members: try advanced springs! It doesn’t have to be for every exercise, maybe just for your warm-up and then 1 or 2 exercises that focus on your strongest body part (as an example: legs feeling strong; test your lunges on the next spring-set up). Don’t be afraid to ask your trainer for advice or assistance!


You’re 30 days in and what a huge effort you’ve sustained! Take a moment here to recognise yourself for what you’ve so far accomplished. This is not something that just anyone can do, it takes courage to sign up for something like this, willpower to sustain your attendance and strength to push through pain and do it anyway! By now you will have noticed countless positive changes in yourself, both physically and mentally so take a moment (even take pen to paper and record the changes you have noticed!) to really appreciate this gift you’ve given yourself.


You’re on the home straight! We hope you are proud – because we are!

But the fun isn’t over yet, we’ve still got some work to do. Make a promise to yourself that for these last 10 days of the KX40 challenge you stay dedicated to your routine and really push through even when you don’t think you can. You got this!

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