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What Are The Health Benefits of Core Strength Developed in Pilates?

It’s common for people to associate core strength with a trimmed waist, a super flat stomach and six-pack abs. While those are all great, having a strong core offers so much more than just what meets the eye – it provides many health benefits that can improve your lifestyle and wellbeing. Like some other exercises, Pilates workouts are a good way to strengthen core muscles, so you’ll only not look great, but also feel great, too. Let’s discuss the importance of core strength for your health.

Why is core strength important?

The core refers to the group of powerful muscles found in and around your midsection, including your abs, lower back, hip and pelvic floor muscles. Because it stabilises your upper and lower body, the core is also known as the body’s powerhouse and central support system. Developing your core strength is important because:

  • A strong core allows your body to produce a central force to complete everyday movements, exercises and activities
  • Core strength enables you to hold yourself upright
  • Core strength allows you to stabilise, coordinate and move efficiently


What are the benefits of core strength?

Developing your core strength is not just about having a chiselled stomach. A strong core provides many health advantages, including:


  • Refined balance and stability: Core strength helps coordinate your upper and lower body, steadying your balance and preventing yourself from falling.


  • Support for all body movements: Since your core is composed of a complex series of muscles, having good core strength enables you to perform a wide range of movements, from general daily tasks, such as walking, to more strenuous exercises, such as dancing, lifting, pushing or working out.


  • Decreased risk of injury: Through better stabilisation and mobility, core strength provides a solid foundation for good health, body durability and injury prevention.


  • Better posture: Slouching and back pain can often be associated with weaker core muscles. Good core strength reduces wear and tear on the spine which leads to improved breathing and posture.


How does Pilates improve core strength?

Core strengthening exercises for beginners must focus on body awareness rather than just repeating general workout steps. In other words, you have to activate and squeeze your core muscles to activate them and improve your inner core strength; this is why Pilates is a perfect workout for your core. Pilates consists of a series of slow and precise exercises which specifically target the abs, pelvic floor and back. Reformer Pilates, in particular, focuses on strengthening and toning the core by allowing you to change positions, add resistance and adjust your workout patterns.



Pilates for core strength? We make it possible.

We offer a modern approach to Reformer Pilates here at KX Pilates. Whether you’re looking for core strengthening exercises to improve your core strength or you want an enjoyable workout that fits your busy lifestyle, KX Pilates Classes are for you – no matter who you are or what your fitness level is. Together with the guidance of our professional Pilates trainers, we promise to help you achieve that well-toned and strong core you’re looking for.

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