Busting 5 Reformer Pilates Myths

Are you guilty of thinking that reformer Pilates is just for women, that it’s the same as Yoga or that it’s only good for rehab? You’re not alone — and we need to put you back on the right track.

Many people hold these types of reformer Pilates misconceptions so in this blog, we’ll debunk some of the most common myths, while highlighting how reformer Pilates can benefit overall health and fitness and enhance sports performance for people of all ages and fitness levels.


1. “Pilates and Yoga are the same thing”

Since traditional Pilates and Yoga are both forms of low-impact exercise performed on a mat, we get the confusion. There are many pros and cons to both mat Pilates and Yoga, some of which are shared, but when it comes to reformer Pilates and Yoga, here are 3 key differences:

  1. While Yoga is done with only your bodyweight, KX Pilates workouts leverage the pulleys and springs of our exclusive reformer bed, the KXFormer, as well as a variety of pilates props, to add resistance and build strength.
  2. KX workouts are more physically demanding than most Yoga classes. The high intensity comes from resistance training as well as dynamic movements such as flying splits and crouching tigers; this results in greater cardiovascular health benefits and higher calorie burn for fat loss.
  3. Finally, at its roots, Yoga is a spiritual practice intended to achieve harmony between mind, body and spirit. Meanwhile, Pilates is first and foremost a system of exercise designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture. The reduction in stress levels and improvements in mood and motivation are benefits of staying active and maintaining a regular pilates practice.


2. “Reformer Pilates is just stretching”

While improved flexibility is a significant benefit of reformer Pilates, there’s much more to it! At our reformer Pilates studios, classes are dynamic full-body 50-minute workouts, tailored to build overall muscle strength and tone, so that:

  • we improve balance and stability to become more resilient to injury;
  • we improve our posture to reduce strain on our necks and backs;
  • we are more able to confidently and safely perform day-to-day activities;
  • we enhance our athletic performance.

In addition, while being flexible is essential for overall health, it’s also crucial that you are mobile for joint health, injury prevention and athletic performance; so that you can control your body through its full range of motion. The KX Pilates method recognises this and the focus on resistance and control in KX workouts means that you’ll increase both flexibility and mobility.


3. “Pilates is only for rehab; it’s not a real workout”

Simone Biles, David Beckham, LeBron James and Serena Williams would all disagree with this Pilates myth!

Because reformer Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise where the loading on joints is minimal and can be managed, it is indeed a safe and effective way to rehabilitate injuries. At the same time, the improvements in balance, stability and strength help prevent new injuries.

Reformer Pilates is an excellent workout for people of all ages and fitness levels, including those looking to improve their athletic performance. The focus of KX workouts on building core strength and body control can result in better balance and agility, more efficient movement and quicker reaction times on the field or court.


4. “Reformer Pilates is only for women”

This is a very common myth, however reformer pilates is a popular exercise method that is quickly being adopted by many professional sports clubs, such as the AFL, to compliment other training and to prevent injury.

There are many men who recognise how reformer Pilates can positively impact their sports performance, overall athleticism, injury prevention and mental health through:

  • targeting all muscle groups, including some which may be missed by traditional methods of training, to help correct imbalances to rehabilitate existing injuries and prevent new ones;
  • building core strength that enhances athletic performance through improved balance, stability and agility;
  • the focus on controlled breathing which delivers positive mental health benefits, reducing everyday stress levels.

Did you know that the founder of reformer Pilates was a man? Joseph Pilates was a gymnast and boxer who developed the method during World War I to keep himself and those around him active at an internment camp. They used the mattress springs to create resistance exercises; that is how reformer Pilates began!


5. “Anyone can teach Pilates”

Though there is a peak industry body for traditional and reformer Pilates in Australia, not everyone who teaches at a reformer Pilates studio is necessarily a qualified and accredited instructor.

However, at KX Pilates, our trainers are all industry-trained with minimum qualifications of a Certificate 4 in Fitness or in Pilates and KX Academy-qualified. This ensures that they are:

  • able to demonstrate proper and precise technique and provide clear instructions;
  • thoroughly knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology so they can identify potential imbalances and weaknesses and tailor KX workouts to accommodate;
  • committed to uphold the high standards KX Pilates is known for;
  • positive-minded people with a natural love of helping others.


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