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The Advantage of Working Out in a Class: Why You Should Try It

Are you fond of doing things on your own even when exercising? Do you like moving to the rhythm of your own beat while working out?

Exercising solo does have its perks. Working out alone allows you to follow your own schedule and focus on your specific fitness goals. However, it can sometimes be difficult to remain motivated and continue to challenge yourself enough to achieve your fitness goals.

On the other hand, joining exercise classes and working out in groups can give you the additional push and encouragement you need to remain active and committed. So, it may be a great time to consider gathering some friends or signing up for a group exercise class to keep you company along your own fitness and health journey.

Here’s why.

What is the difference between solo and group workouts?

Solo workouts allow you to personalise your own fitness plan according to your needs. You can control your exercise at your own pace and not have to worry about anyone else.

However, solo workouts also mean you’re not receiving regular guidance and direction. Because of this, relying on your own skills and knowledge may not get you the fitness results you were hoping for or expecting.

Have you considered exercise classes?

While working out with a group may seem a bit intimidating, it can actually be an enjoyable way to exercise as it encourages you to interact and learn from other people. It also provides you with support and proper training to effectively achieve your fitness goals.

group workout classes provide a great motivational boost

It’s not easy to sustain workouts when you’re always on your own. You may find that you don’t push yourself enough and your exercise routine can quickly become a little stale.

Whereas in a gym glass, the professional trainers and your classmates will help keep things fresh and guide you to exercise properly. They’ll also encourage you to strive towards your targets so you can grow and make noticeable progress.

Most importantly, a group workout provides you with an effective support system of people who share the same fitness goals as you. This helps you remain accountable, knowing there are regular people there in the same situation as you, rooting for your success, in the same way you’re also there to support them too.

what are the social opportunities and benefits of group workouts?

Exercising can often feel like more of an obligation rather than an activity you enjoy doing. You know how important exercise is, but you still can’t help but dread it, especially given your busy schedule.

Fortunately, group workout classes provide an enjoyable environment where people like you can train to be fit and become healthy together.

Through exercise classes, you’ll be able to meet all different kinds of people and gain more confidence because you become accustomed to being surrounded by people. Over time, you get desensitised by their presence and you may even realise that your concerns about being judged are completely unfounded.

What are the benefits of group workouts?

Group workouts are not only great opportunities to encourage you to be social; they also offer health benefits, including the following:

  • Participating in exercise classes means you receive positive feedback: Working out in groups helps you become more disciplined with your form and technique, as there are trainers who can offer feedback to ensure you’re always on the right track.


  • Group workout classes boost your willpower: Group workouts can show you the importance of a certain exercise or fitness plan so you can reap benefits from it. Being included in exercise classes also gives you the opportunity to get inspired by the fitness success stories of others – making you more driven to work harder, too.


  • Group exercise classes improve your mood and mental health: The camaraderie, teamwork and bonding you’ll get from workout classes can give you a new and more motivating perspective when it comes to exercise. You’ll tend to look forward to doing it rather than dreading it, which will help you see results faster. Also, don’t forget that the friendly competition levels of group workouts can drive everyone forward together.


  • Workout classes reduce your risk of injuries: Sometimes, problems can arise when you only workout alone. Your fitness plan may not be completely suitable for you, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Time and energy can also be wasted when you’re not really sure what you’re doing. You might try doing certain exercises or use unfamiliar gym equipment on your own, and end up making mistakes or even risk an injury. Working out in classes can remove all of these potential problems as you’re being looked after by professional trainers.



What kind of exercise can you do in a group?

There are several kinds of exercises that offer group participation. Yoga, dance aerobics, cycling, and running are the most common gym classes which you can sign up for.

Pilates classes, like the ones offered by KX Pilates, are very popular too. They provide energetic workout sessions designed to help you get healthy and fit. Through a series of slow and precise exercises done either on mats or reformer Pilates equipment, these classes will make sure you are physically and mentally healthy while offering you all of the group benefits discussed above.

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