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Pilates Introductory Offer

Train smarter and harder with reformer classes that are always dynamic, always tailored and always 50-minutes. Workout with the the best trainers in the industry at 90+ studios Australia-wide — no one does Pilates like KX.

Try KX with 5 classes for $60* and join the movement made for every body. Lock-in contracts? Never. Workouts on your terms? Always.

Why choose KX Pilates?

At KX Pilates, we celebrate individual progress and personal victories. Whether you seek to improve posture, increase flexibility or build muscle, our dynamic classes are structured to help you reach your goals. Rooted in the concept of ‘Kaizen’, our methodology believes in the power of incremental progress to deliver transformative results.

  • Tailored 50-minute sessions — Perfect for the time-conscious, our sessions are designed to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Exclusive class sizes — With only 12 to 14 students per class, you’ll receive the attention needed to refine your practice.
  • Comprehensive body conditioning — KX Pilates offers a holistic workout regimen designed to activate every muscle group, sculpting and strengthening your body.

Get started with our KX Pilates introductory offer

Our KX Pilates introductory offer is specifically designed to welcome newcomers into the KX family. With this introductory offer, you can explore different levels, meet our expert trainers and begin to experience the transformative effects of Pilates. These five sessions are yours to redeem over a 14-day period, giving you the flexibility to pace your workouts to suit your lifestyle and fitness level.

KX Pilates offers you the opportunity to explore a range of classes, from the fundamentals in our beginner sessions to the more challenging intermediate and advanced workouts. Learn about which class is the right fit for you below.


Start strong with our beginner classes

Forge your path to fitness with our beginner reformer Pilates classes. If you’re stepping onto the Pilates mat for the first time or rekindling an old passion, our foundational classes are the perfect starting point. You’ll not only learn essential techniques but also engage in effective workouts that build your strength from the very first session. Under the guidance of our KX Pilates certified trainers, you’ll learn the essentials in a nurturing environment that prioritises your form and alignment.


Build your stamina with our intermediate classes

As you progress, our intermediate classes are here to amplify your Pilates journey. Building on the solid base you’ve established, these sessions up the ante with intensified routines and a greater emphasis on fluidity and precision. Here, you will start to challenge your core, improve your balance and increase your overall body strength through a series of more complex exercises.


Test your limits with our advanced classes

For those who are ready to surpass their boundaries, our advanced reformer Pilates classes offer a thrilling challenge. Conducted by our most seasoned instructors, these high-octane sessions incorporate dynamic, high-intensity movements that will test your endurance and power.

Take the leap today with our KX Pilates introductory offer

Ready to get moving? Find a KX Pilates studio near you! Our KX Pilates introductory offer is the perfect way to sample our range of classes and find the best fit for your fitness level. With 100+ locations and 5,550+ classes every week, there’s always a class that works with your schedule. Your journey to a stronger, healthier you is just a click away, so sign up today.

Discover our KX Pilates deals and offers

Begin your Pilates journey with KX Pilates! We’ve got some fantastic Pilates deals and intro offer packages waiting just for you. From referral bonuses to seasonal specials and first-timer perks, our aim is to ensure that your commitment to fitness remains strong and steady. Get started today and redefine what strength means to you. Book a class now by signing up for our intro offer packages.

KX Pilates Reformer Pilates


We believe that all bodies were made to move. We’ll show you how. Whether you have specific fitness goals in mind, or are new to reformer Pilates, our introductory offer gives every body the chance to try KX.

Reformer Pilates Movement


New to reformer workouts or getting back into it after a break? Our beginner classes are designed to get you up and running. Qualified KX Academy trainers are with you every step of the way, helping you build strength and stamina.

Pilates Classes


Seasoned reformer Pilates addict or ready to up the ante? Get ready to sweat it out with our intermediate and advanced classes — higher intensity workouts for an even stronger you.

Try 5 classes
for $60.*

Our KX Pilates introductory offer is made to move everybody and every body. Find your nearest studio using the map below and try 5 classes for $60* to use over 14 days, and discover our latest Pilates deals and offers.

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With 108 studios across Australia, dynamic movement has never been easier or more accessible.

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Introductory Offer 5 Classes for $60 is only available to new clients of KX Pilates and can only be purchased once. All classes must be used at the studio of purchase within 14 days from the date of your first booking. Offer is non-refundable nor transferable between studios and/or clients. For more information please see our full Terms & Conditions.