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The power of mind-body connection in KX Pilates

Did you know that there is an intrinsic relationship between our physical bodies and our mental and emotional states, meaning that our thoughts and feelings can both positively and negatively affect our physical states? 

Conversely, what we do with our physical bodies (such as our exercise and diet) can impact our mental states. 

Why is the mind-body connection important?

The mind-body connection is important because how we treat either our physical or mental state will affect the other. 

For example, if we neglect our mental health, we can develop negative emotional states like chronic stress or depression; these can lead to physical health issues, such as a weakened immune system, cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal problems. 

Or, if we neglect our physical health, we can experience higher stress levels, a lack of clarity and focus and a reduced ability to regulate emotions.

The good news is the opposite is also true; by improving mental states, we can improve physical well-being. 

This is why KX Pilates emphasises a holistic approach to health and fitness and why KX workouts have an element of focus on breath and awareness of our bodies. 

This importance of the mind-body connection is intrinsic to KX Pilates as it was recognised by Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, who said, “It is the mind itself which builds the body.” 

He is also quoted to have said, “A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well-balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.”

Accordingly, he created Pilates based on the 6 principles of breath, concentration, control, precision, centre and flow. 

KX Pilates leverages these 6 principles to ensure our 50-minute workouts take care of both physical and mental states — so that you can amplify an overall sense of physical and mental well-being. 


The 6 principles of Pilates and the mind-body connection


It’s often said in Pilates that “breath is the first and last movement”, acknowledging that breath is a primary link between the mind and body. 

In KX workouts, we coordinate breath with movement to positively impact both physical and mental well-being. 

Breath control promotes core control and proper posture and alignment, as well as enhanced oxygenation and circulation and stress reduction.

Increased oxygenation and circulation ensure our muscles and organs receive an optimal supply of oxygen and support the functioning and recovery of our bodies.

Breath control activates our parasympathetic nervous system to promote relaxation, decrease cortisol levels and enhance the overall feeling of well-being.



KX Pilates requires focused attention to each movement. 

Firstly, this ensures you’re moving correctly and efficiently.

Secondly, this act of focusing the mind on the specific movements connects it directly to the physical experience, fostering a heightened sense of body awareness; this encourages your mind-body connection.

This principle of paying deliberate attention to the present movement is, in essence, mindfulness — and mindfulness has been shown to improve mental health through stress reduction, better emotional regulation, improved clarity and sleep quality and deeper self-awareness. 



In KX Pilates, control is not just about the physical mastery of movement but also about the mental discipline required to refine each movement. This means that simply by staying committed to your KX Pilates practice over the long term, you will boost your mind-body connection. 



Precision goes hand-in-hand with control. In KX Pilates, attention to detail is essential and we prioritise quality over quantity. This requires us to be mentally alert and keenly aware of each position and adjustment of our bodies, reinforcing the relationship between our mind and body.



Our core muscles are the focal point of KX Pilates, with all movements intended to build our core stability and strength. The benefits of a strong core can include optimal everyday movement as well as better athletic performance while reducing the risk of injury. 

But more than just a physical core, KX Pilates is also about emotional grounding and balance; through the first and second principles of breath and concentration, we continually return to our emotional and mental “centre”  to improve our mental well-being.



In KX Pilates, we emphasise the moments between exercises and not only the movements themselves. 

By seamlessly transitioning from one movement to another, we need to engage both physical coordination and mental focus. 

When mind and body are synchronised, exercise feels fluid and harmonious so that we enter a flow state where we are fully immersed in the activity. This flow state has positive effects on our mental health through reduced anxiety and increased motivation. 

Breath, concentration, control, precision, centre and flow: it is through the culmination of these 6 principles of Pilates that a strong mind-body connection is created and fostered — so that you can improve your physical and mental health through KX Pilates.


Why choose KX Pilates to build your mind-body connection?


50-minute full-body reformer Pilates workouts

KX workouts are only 50-minute classes, which means the time commitment is very accessible. They are curated to be fast-paced and full-body to pack a punch, delivering a myriad of physical and mental benefits.

The top 5 benefits of KX Pilates include greater overall strength, endurance and fitness; better balance and stability; increased mobility; better postural alignment and enhanced mental well-being. 

When it comes to KX Pilates and mental health, you’ll reap the benefits as you regularly complete your KX workouts. The release of endorphins combats feelings of depression and anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being through better mood and focus. Additionally, the sense of accomplishment that comes from mastering challenging exercises will boost your confidence and self-esteem.


Continuous improvement through dynamic movement

Though workouts are less than an hour in duration, they’re not short on results! KX workouts are highly effective, blending the principles of mat-based Pilates with the dynamism and strength-building focus of circuit training. 

Workouts are always tailored so you can train smarter and harder, on your terms. Exercises and resistance levels are modifiable to your ability and your KX Academy-qualified Trainer is always there to guide you through every movement and class. This means that with KX Pilates, you can make small continuous improvements that lead to long-lasting results.


Start developing your mind-body connection with KX Pilates at only $12 a class

KX Pilates is an exceptional way to positively influence both your physical and mental states, strengthen your mind-body connection — and achieve a more comprehensive sense of health and well-being. 

With an introductory offer of 5 classes over 14 days for only $60, more than 100 KX Pilates studios Australia-wide and over 4,500 classes every week, you can get moving and harness the benefits of a strong mind-body connection today. No lock-in contracts and T&Cs do apply.

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