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KX Pilates is a modern evolution of reformer Pilates which unleashes your true potential through intensive movement, passionate power and invigorating energy. Enjoy the journey and love the results as you take your health and fitness to the next level with KX.

Our philosophy is simple: small, continuous improvements lead to big rewards. Your tomorrow-self will thank you for what you do with us today.


Our guiding principle is the Kaizen Xperience, based a Japanese philosophy translating to ‘change for the better’. We believe small continuous improvements deliver long-lasting results. KX Pilates classes are high intensity full-body workouts designed to challenge every body, always dynamic, always 50 minutes. Workout harder and smarter.



KX class levels exist to help everyone achieve their goals no matter where they are in their fitness journey. Whether you’ve never stepped into a studio, or you know the reformer like the back of your hand, we’ve got you covered.


KX is a modern evolution of reformer Pilates - our classes are highly curated, meaning you get the most out of your workout, every time. We believe that progress is progress. Using varied levels of resistance on our reformer machines, your KX trainer will help you to achieve your fitness goals, always on your terms.

KX Pilates exercise

The KX Workout

It’s all about you

Think that Pilates or exercise isn’t for you? Well, we can assure you – it is! No matter who you are or what you do, you’re welcome at KX Pilates because we have classes to suit pretty much everyone. You’re the centre of the universe here.

Smarter. Not Longer.

You’re busy. But even with your hectic schedule, you can still fit in KX Pilates, because the sessions are geared to give the best fitness results, in the quickest time. So training just slots right into your day and in return, you get a regular energy boost.

Phenomenal KX Trainers

Come and meet some of the most inspirational Fitness Trainers in Australia who will provide personalised Pilates sessions in small, boutique-sized classes. You can breathe deeply knowing you’re under the care of qualified and motivating leaders.

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With 99 studios across Australia, dynamic movement has never been easier or more accessible.

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New to KX? Get moving with our introductory offer. Try 5 classes over 14 days for only $50. Define yourself and kick-start your Kaizen Xperience.


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