How to finish KX40 strong

finishing kx40 strong

Halfway!! Nice work!

We hope you’re on track with your classes and are feeling good! If your body is feeling a little fatigued, don’t worry, it’s totally normal!. Hannah, Dani, & Emma have shared their halfway tips for you to finish KX40 strong!

Make sure you’re checking in with how your body is feeling regularly and are giving yourself time to recover between sessions. Sometimes it can be as simple as scheduling a morning class one day, and an evening class the following day to really give your body some recovery time between sessions. 


“Don’t be afraid to choose a beginner class every now and then throughout the challenge, even if you know you’re at an intermediate level. Recovery is essential during such an intensive period of consistent exercise. Make sure sleep is on the top of your priority list during this time, because our bodies do their best repairing while we’re at rest.” said Hannah


“You may start to feel and see some changes in your body, keep going! One way to ensure you can keep attending classes regularly during the KX40 challenge is to recover properly. One way we can do this is to stretch after every class, either at home or by spending 5 minutes on the reformer after class finishes. Ask your trainer for some ideas, we are always happy to share our best stretches!” said Danni


“Halfway there!! Hopefully, by now you’re starting to get into a rhythm with your classes and your body is starting to reap the benefits. The best part about our classes is that we target both strength and mobility which is why you might leave class feeling like you’ve not only worked hard but had a stretch at the same time. I personally walk out of class feeling a head taller! This being said, if you are feeling a little tight from the work you’ve done over the previous 3 weeks, I’ve offered below some stretches you can do in the studio before or after your class.” said Emma

*Content is general guidance only and is not tailored to individuals. Seek professional medical advice before commencing any program with us or relying on recommendations to determine the relevance to your circumstances. KX Pilates is not responsible for loss or damage suffered by you relying on this content.

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