Meet the Aussie workout unlike any other in the world. Combining traditional Reformer Pilates principles with progressive techniques, KX curates full-body workouts designed to challenge everybody and deliver the benefits of strength, cardio, flexibility, balance and stretch training, all in one experience. We’ve adapted our unique studio workout into an ‘at home’ experience with both reformer and mat options, suitable for every body.


Our methodology is founded upon the ‘Kaizen Xperience’, originating from the Japanese philosophy of ‘kaizen’ or ‘change for the better’.


Small movements, giant leaps. We focus on delivering long-lasting results through small, continuous improvements through progressive resistance and sophisticated movements. It’s fitness that fits around you.


New to KX? Get moving with unlimited access to all of our at home workouts for 7 days. Define yourself and kick-start your Kaizen Xperience. T&Cs apply.


KX Pilates is a modern evolution of Pilates. Our workouts use a reformer machine with a signature spring system — adding resistance and targeting muscle groups in a way that traditional workouts just can't match.
New to Pilates? You're in luck. Our industry leading trainers are there for you every step of the way, helping you get the most out of your workout to tackle your fitness goals, always on your terms.



Progress, anyone? KX At Home classes are made for everyone to move through. Personalize your progress with modifications and level-up when you’re ready.


Great power, powered by Pilates. Whether you’re new to pilates workouts, or an arabesque aficionado, getting strong and staying strong has never been easier. Get moving with our online workouts.

Pilates FAQ.

KX Pilates classes draw on a mix of traditional Pilates techniques and modern fitness principles to deliver a dynamic full-body workout. KX workouts are designed to provide enhanced functional control — bringing body and mind together to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

The primary goal of Pilates is to condition your body; completing classes regularly in addition to healthy eating will result in improved body physique and muscle tone.

KX is a workout made for all fitness levels. As a beginner, you can complete any of our classes and modify the exercises if you’re finding them challenging, or start with one of our shorter videos.

As with any form of exercise, regular workouts will help to maximise the physical and mental benefits of Pilates — we recommend completing a KX class 3 times per week for optimum results.

Pilates workouts are centred around your body’s core, aiming to improve your flexibility, posture, strength, mobility, balance and muscle tone. Our workouts use a wide range of exercises and movements, that target muscle groups across your whole body.

With a specific focus on muscles, ligaments, and tendons, KX workouts are designed to challenge every body by building strength that is foundational to your overall mobility.

We recommend combining regular Pilates sessions with a healthy diet to nourish your body and aid with muscle recovery.

No. Our KX at home videos have exercises for both a reformer bed and mat-based pilates, so no matter what equipment you have at home, you can still complete your KX workout.

Yes, if you’d like to try KX Pilates workouts, you can complete a 7 day free trial* which will grant you access to our video library of at-home workouts.

*T&Cs apply

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