How to become a Pilates Instructor

Do you love Pilates and want to turn this passion into a career?

In this article our friends at Unite Health take you through the steps to show you how you can become a world class Pilates Instructor.

First, let’s discuss the different Pilates styles… 

You may wish to focus on a specific type of Pilates, and that’s great, but we recommend you gain an overall knowledge of Pilates and the unique variations and fundamentals it encompasses. 

The two most common Pilates styles being taught today include: 

  • Mat Pilates – The fundamental version of Pilates which requires a floor mat and minimal equipment, if any at all. 
  • Reformer Pilates – The more advanced style of Pilates that shares similar mat exercises and sequences. Of course, the movements are performed on the reformer bed, making for a more resistance style of exercise.


Now, for the 5 KEY steps to becoming a Pilates Instructor…

1. Get familiar with Pilates 

Taking regular classes and getting familiar with both mat and reformer styles will help you determine what Pilates Instructor Certification best suits your needs. We recommend attending various KX studios in your area and trialling classes from different trainers, this will enable you to get a feel for the different techniques and movement styles of different KX trainers. 


2. Getting yourself both physically and mentally ready to start

When starting your Pilates Instructor journey it’s essential that you’re ready both physically and mentally for the various lectures and hands-on training that is offered throughout your instructor journey. 

Our friends at Unite Health offer support both virtually and face to face, all that is required of you is an open mind and willingness to learn. 


3. Get qualified 

Unite Health are KX Pilates’ preferred training supplier and Australia’s favourite provider. 

Their APPI Pilates Instructor Certification requires no prerequisites and is designed to ensure you have the support and guidance you need to become an outstanding, world-class Pilates instructor. 

Their 14-day teacher training course equips students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to teach matwork and reformer Pilates in the health and fitness industry. 

With flexible learning options, the course offers face to face and online training options to best support you on this exciting new endeavour. PLUS! All courses are delivered by allied health professionals – how great is that!?


4. Get certified 

At the end of your training, you should feel ready and confident to instruct a class. To officially become certified, you will be required to complete an exam consisting of two components, practical and theory. You will also be required to hand in your completed Pilates certification logbook at the time of your practical Pilates exam. 


5. Get Insurance and Apply for Jobs 

Once you’ve successfully passed your exam and receive your certificate, you’re now ready to obtain insurance and apply for jobs – YAY!

Unite Health can provide you with a selection of companies to obtain your insurance through. (Please note: Depending on your insurance provider, you may also be required to complete a first aid certificate) 


6. Become a KX trainer

Now it’s time to join the KX academy and finalise your journey to becoming a KX accredited trainer!

Watch here as Unite Health Owner & Director, Sarah Todd chats with KX Pilates Founder, Aaron Smith about KX’s style, academy, career pathways, and franchising.



Explore course details here + book a time to chat with an expert here!

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